11 Powerful Natural Remedies For Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a disorder affecting the thyroid gland. It occurs when the thyroid gland is unable to produce sufficient levels of thyroid hormone. In other words the gland is under-active. This condition affects millions of individuals each year around the world. Many do not realize it is the cause of many common symptoms.

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These symptoms include:

– Fatigue

– Weight gain

– Dry and brittle nails

– Hair loss

– Depression

– Patchy skin

– Memory loss

– Constipation

– Energy loss

– Heart rate changes

Fortunately there are many steps one can take to help relieve these symptoms by balancing their thyroid hormones.

Natural Relief For Hypothyroidism Symptoms

The thyroid gland is responsible for many key functions in the body including assisting with how the body uses energy.

Natural care involves determining the cause of hypothyroidism and treating it. The first step in this is defining many potential causes for hypothyroid disease. These may include:

– Inflammation, or thyroiditis. This may result from infection, poor eating habits, food allergies, recent illness, or other causes.

– Hashimoto’s disease. This is an autoimmune disease caused by antibodies in the body which cause the body to attack its own thyroid gland, causing inflammation.

– Hyperthyroidism treatment. Interestingly enough, some patients receive treatment for an overactive thyroid, and this results in hypothyroidism. Treatment for hyperthyroidism often involves radioactive iodine which can cause the thyroid to become under active over time.

– Surgery. Some people receive thyroid surgery during life which removes all or a part of the thyroid, resulting in too little thyroid hormone being produced.

– Pituitary diseases. These result in an imbalance in production of thyroid hormones.

– Iodine deficiency. Some people do not get enough iodine in their diets, which can contribute to the development of hypothyroidism.

– Medications and radiation therapy. These can all result in hypothyroidism. In some cases elimination of the medication is possible and can eliminate symptoms. In others this is not possible and the health provider must work around this problem.

Natural health professionals will work to reduce inflammation, helping the thyroid gland start working more efficiently. Inflammation is largely responsible for many health problems affecting the body, including hypothyroid disease.

Treatment options for hypothyroidism can include supplementation with natural hormones instead of synthetic hormones, an option which many people prefer.

There are also herbal remedies which naturopaths can prescribe for patients to help the gland work more efficiently. Homeopathic remedies can also help restore balance in the body. It is important you consult with an expert to get a recommendation based on your overall health.

There are natural steps you can take to help improve your health that are simple and easy. Anyone can do them, and these include:

1. Eating well- make sure you eat foods that are high in tyrosine and are helpful for people with hypothyroidism. Eat lots of fiber to help with constipation.
2. Cut down on foods that are high in sugar and caffeine, which are harmful.
3. Cut back on stress and learn to manage your stress better, because high stress can contribute to hypothyroidism.
4. Exercise when possible to help boost your metabolism.
5. Make sure you see your doctor to measure your thyroid function regularly and adjust your health goals and treatment accordingly.
6. Avoid foods that have high levels of goitrogens, which studies show have a negative impact on hypothyroid disease. These include foods like soy, peanuts, millet, pine, cabbage, mustard, and turnips.
7. Avoid drinking alcohol as it can cause depression and deplete your body of Vitamin B.
8. Eat foods that are naturally high in iodine, which include garlic, kelp, and shrimp.
9. Incorporate selenium rich foods in your diet including Brazil nuts.
10. Take a supplement with Vitamin B which helps support the thyroid gland.
11. Consider foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids

Incorporating natural therapies such as simple dietary and lifestyle changes based on those listed above can make a huge difference upon your thyroid function and well-being. When combined with natural remedies you will see that it is certainly possible to keep your thyroid hormones in balance and feel fantastic.

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