The Seeds That Can Destroy Cancer Cells!

According to the British Medical Journal, chemotherapy is one of the most devastating treatments. Drugs and pharmaceuticals are expected to improve the health and well-being of everyone but sometimes these treatments, including cancer treatments can be dangerous for the entire organism. So it is recommended to focus on a natural remedy against cancer.

Dr. Hardin B. Jones, professor in physiology and medical physics at Berkley, conducted a study on life expectancy in patients on chemotherapy. His results are amazing: he found that chemotherapy could be responsible for much shorter lifetime and causes very painful death.

Furthermore, natural remedies to prevent and fight cancer appear more effective and have no negative effects on health. For example, a grape seeds extract known as GSE is one of the most impressive products! Indeed, the University of Kentucky conducted a study on the positive effects of this grape seeds extract in the treatment of leukemia and other cancers. The results of the study and laboratory tests have shown that grape seed could destroy the majority of cancer and leukemia cells.

The results of this study were published in the American Association for Cancer Research journal. It was revealed that the grape seed contain a protein called JNK whose main function is to control the elimination of cancer cells.

Commercially available, the GSE is rich in phenols, antioxidants and proanthocyanidin. The latter is able to prevent the development of cancer and cell cultures. Among others, the GSE is effective against breast, lung, intestine and skin diseases. It was also proven effective against breast tumors in laboratory animals.

GSE is one of the agents that could be used as a remedy against the cancer prevention but can also supplement treatments against leukemia and other cancers.

Scientific research shows that when treated in the right way, cancer does not cause fatal consequences on the body. However, the pharmaceutical industry continues to spread panic about the disease.

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