Do Not Take Lightly These Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

Cancer is without a doubt the number one enemy of modern medicine because of the deaths it causes each year. Regarding women, there is a cancer that is a formidable enemy not by its frequency, but by its discretion, so it has very few symptoms that can be quickly trivialized and to which you should pay your attention.

What is ovarian cancer?

Such a disease is triggered when the cells of the ovaries eventually develop tumors that become cancerous. His dangerousness lies in his discretion and lack of obvious symptoms. Despite the fact that it is more common in women who have already reached menopause, the last few years have seen an increase in cases of women aged between 30 and 40, or even younger. The latest research on this topic has shown that screening for cancer in the early stages of development significantly increases the chances of survival of the patient hence the need for regular medical monitoring.

It is wrong to believe that ovarian cancer is silent, since it is rather discreet, which is still different. This is because, on the one hand, there is no reliable test for detecting cancer cysts, since even CA125-type blood tests are unreliable. And that on the other hand, it has symptoms that can easily be trivialized or confused with those of other diseases, so that tumors are often diagnosed only once it is too late , that is to say once the phase 3 has passed. So you should be aware of these early warning signs of disease development so you do not go wrong and get that discreet killer up to speed as soon as possible:

The 4 early symptoms indicative of ovarian cancer

Abdominal and pelvic pain

You probably already know each of the areas where you feel pain after your menstrual cramps. Having said that, feeling these pains during your period is quite normal unless it persists and even extends beyond it, in which case a specialist consultation is necessary.

A permanent sensation of bloating

Bloating can be caused by a variety of factors, but if you keep this feeling unusually for more than 3 weeks, remember that it may be a symptom of this cancer.

An exaggerated urge to urinate

While this may seem hard to notice, it’s just a matter of looking at whether you’re going to the bathroom more often because of any increase in fluid intake or whatever. If this is not the case and you have urgent desires for no apparent reason, it is probably the first signs of development of the disease.

Loss of appetite

If you find that you have lost your appetite for an extended period of time and your food consumption is getting lower and lower, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor. This may be due to a lot of physical and psychological dysfunction, but it can also be a symptom of ovarian cancer.

As you may have noticed, it is easy to trivialize these signs by confusing them with less serious diseases, the only difference being the duration of the undesirable effects. It all depends on your level of alertness and the speed at which you react. So, whatever the anomaly behind each of these symptoms, it is your duty to consult your doctor.

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