Breast Milk Fights Cancer: Scientists Have Accidentally Discovered That It Contains a Substance That Kills Cancer Cells

Human breast milk is known to be nutritious for the baby, essential for the health of its body and for strengthening its immune system. It is composed of water, carbohydrates, proteins and lipids as well as micronutrients. However, scientists have inadvertently discovered that breast milk can also be a cure for cancer.

Cancer has become the disease of the century and many conventional treatments are used to destroy it or at least stop its progress. Chemotherapy is the best-known treatment to counter this disease. However, it has significant side effects because it destroys healthy cells in the body. Its psychological impact on the person affected is not negligible; hair loss, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, muscle and joint pain are all negative factors for chemotherapy. This is why scientists are always looking for new preventive and curative treatments that are less restrictive and effective. On this track, a new remedy based on breast milk has emerged.

Benefits of breast milk

Breast milk fulfills many functions in the development and growth of the baby, protecting him from many harmful infections to his health. In addition to its nutrients, it also contains enzymes and hormones that contribute to the development of its sexual organs. Its benefits persist in adult subjects who have been breastfed; they are less confronted with obesity and type 2 diabetes and have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels than those who were bottle-fed as children. In addition, and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), breastfed children are more likely to have a higher intelligence quotient.

New discovery on breast milk

In addition to its recognized benefits, it has been discovered that milk contains a substance called HAMLET (Human Alpha Lactalbumin Made Lethal to Tumor cells), able to kill tumor cells while safeguarding the healthy cells of the body. The initial discovery was made by Professor Catharina Svanborg, immunologist at Lund University in Sweden. According to her, this protein from human breast milk has an antibiotic effect, which injected into patients with bladder cancer has allowed to get rid of dead cells within a few days via their urine. In addition, this protein makes it possible, unlike chemotherapy, to protect healthy cells in the body.

In addition, researchers have also discovered that human breast milk helps fight against cancer of the intestine and cervix.

According to Professor Catharina Svanborg, the initial research was on the action of new antimicrobial agents in breast milk. However, human cancer cells were used during this experiment for practical reasons. The surprise was total when the tumor cells were eradicated by the Hamlet protein. It was a totally fortuitous discovery.

HAMLET and its action on cancer cells

The action of this substance makes it possible to attack the cancer cells first by protecting the outer defenses of the cell and then by targeting the mitochondria (granule of the cytoplasm, essential to the energetic action of the cell) which are the power station of the cells. cells. These actions cut off the cell’s energy source and program it to commit suicide, in a process called apoptosis. By conducting experimental studies on breast milk and its effectiveness on germs and bacteria, Professor Catharina Svanborg has accidentally discovered its anticancer effect and has been declared a source of tumor-killing molecules.

A new trial comparing the substance HAMLET with a placebo is programmed to test this possibility.

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