Effective Hypothyroid Natural Cures

The most proven and effective hypothyroid natural cures will be discussed here. I had a father who did suffer from hypothyroidism and I was hell bent on finding natural remedies for him. It was my hours of research and trial and error to really find the things that work. If you are suffering from hypothyroidism, you will know that it is a very debilitating and life changing disease. For that reason, it is a must for anybody who has Hypothyroidism to try and incorporate as much natural treatments as possible to help the body cope with a weakened thyroid. Natural treatments also can stimulate thyroid hormone production and the hormones effectiveness. I would firstly like to say there are certain foods that although are classed as healthy, do effect the thyroid negatively. It is really confusing, but these foods have been scientifically proven to effect your hypothyroid negatively. In a healthy thyroid situation these effects would be minimal, but if you have hypothyroid, then these are the food s to avoid


Sweet potato
Brussel sprouts
Red meat
Coffee/caffeine stimulants

Although when these foods are cooked the negative effect is not so great. As well as foods to avoid there are some which you should increase :

Flax seeds or flax oil
Drink lots of water

I promise you after eating what is right for your body and providing all the nutrients you will feel so much better, you will feel like a new healthier energetic person that you were.

As well as diet there are nutrients that you can take to help your thyroid gland. The most effective of these is thyromine. Thyromine is a natural supplement that causes your thyroid gland to make more hormones and regulate them. Thyromine helps in a lot of ways –

• It can prevent weight gain.

• It speeds up the production of your hormones

• It helps make you look and feel better

• It increses your metabolism

• It also can help increasing your sexual vitality.

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