Cancer Treatment: Scientists Discovered a Great Natural Way to Prevent the Disease

The struggle of modern medicine in the treatment of cancer is facilitated by the amazing discovery of the American scientists!

For years the medicine seeks the most effective cancer treatment. It still has not achieve lasting and permanent result, but all physicians are united around the idea that the surest way to succeed in this battle is not to start it at all. Meaning, everyone should take care of their health before it befalls this horrible disease.

The discovery of the US scientists proved that we can avoid the illness in an easy and pleasant way. It is through a consumption of walnuts. “Daily Mail” reported that this is how a person is protected from the cruel and very subtle prostate cancer. Scientists have shown that walnuts slow down the tumor growth, lower the cholesterol and increase insulin sensitivity by many times, which protects  against diabetes.

Walnuts contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. It is well known that omega 3 protect against many dangerous breast cancers as well as heart attacks and strokes. Now, scientists discovered that it reduces the levels of IGF-1, which is connected to prostate cancer and breast cancer.

“For many years, the US leads uphill battle with fats and I think for a long time they are losing it. Walnuts may, however, turn the things around. Although with high fat content, it cannot be said that they accelerate in some way the growth of prostate cancer. Contrary they – slow it. The effect is due not only because of the omega-3, but other substances in walnuts as well. In nutrition is not only important just one ingredient, but always some combination of ingredients.” – Says Dr. Paul Davis from California.

This discovery of the American scientists is well accepted by the people as the consumption of walnuts is enjoyable for almost everyone.

“I’ve always loved to eat walnuts. In addition that they sate me, they are very tasty. Now that I know that it can protect me from cancer I will eat twice as much. They are perfect while watching TV.”- Says 37-year-old Maylal Junior from California.

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