Alkaline Drink that Protects from Cancer and Other Serious Diseases (Recipe)

Did you know that the recommended pH level is 7? Many don’t know what it means if the pH level is above or below this value. It’s pretty scary, because many health complications can occur from unbalanced pH levels. Mild to moderate problems such as fatigue and acid reflux, even dreadful diseases like cancer and diabetes. The high acid level can contribute to all these conditions, and even more.

These diseases initially begin to develop when a person’s body sends toxins into the bloodstream as a defense mechanism against high acidity. These toxins are often caught in the surrounding blood cells and deprive them of oxygen and cause them to become malignant. These damaged cells often cause a series of appalling conditions that are a prerequisite for the formation of cancer. Fortunately, by making your own alkaline drink at home, you can dramatically reduce the risk of these diagnoses.

How to make homemade alkaline drink

It is best to make the drink the night before the day on which you intend to start to consume it. This is because the recommended ingredients have to stand for about eight hours at room temperature. So after you wake up in the morning, everything will be ready to drink! It is best to consume this alkaline drink as soon as you wake up, because your body is usually dehydrated with up to 16 ounces by this time. Another reason why it is recommended to drink it first thing in the morning is that it works best when absorbed on an empty stomach.

What you will need:
• 1 tablespoon Himalayan salt
• 1 organic lemon (cut into eighths)
• 8 cups of filtered water
• 1 large glass jar or pitcher

All you have to do is sprinkle the Himalayan salt into the filtered water and add the freshly cut lemon slices without squeezing them. It is advisable to use osmosis filter if it is possible to achieve the optimal result, but if not available, the same can be done by almost any home filtration system. It is also highly recommended to use a glass jar or pitcher instead of a plastic container, as they can emit toxic chemicals.

What to expect after drinking this alkaline beverage?

Although, it may take some time to see some of the health benefits, there are many things that you will feel instantly. Some people think they are much more energetic and less fatigued after they started to drink it. Others reported that their blood pressure and their blood sugar stabilized. At the same time, not only can you start to feel these immediate benefits, and your immune system will become stronger and stronger, significantly reducing the risk of cancer and other serious diseases.

The process of preparation that goes along with this alkaline drink is both convenient and fast to be done at home. Stow the drink in the kitchen, drink three cups a day and you will begin to feel all these wonderful benefits. Even by replacing the intake of tap water with this completely natural drink, you will surely start to feel more healthy and balanced in no time!

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