Silent Killer: Refined Sugar, Food that Nourishes Cancer

Depriving tumor cells of glucose provokes their death

There are many factors that contribute to the occurrence or absence of various types of cancer. But one thing is common to them all of them and this is the “fuel” that feeds them. For several decades, researchers have focused on the link between nutrition and cancer. They have concluded that some foods increase the risk of cancer. Among the main foods associated with this disease is refined sugar. The bad news is that these days it is all around us. People consume it daily because of its irresistible sweet taste.

Refined sugar – carcinogenic food

According to researchers in San Francisco, refined sugar is a huge health risk – so huge that it should be declared toxic, like alcohol and tobacco. Several studies have found that frequent consumption of sugar is responsible for the deaths of more than 35 million people worldwide each year. This is due to the direct connection of the sugar with a serious disease such as diabetes. Moreover, its consumption explains the occurrence of various chronic diseases and the development of cancer.

Among the harmful effects of consumption of sugar are: diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, gastroesophageal reflux disease and heart disease. It continues to be the subject of numerous studies and experiments. Over the years many of them have proved that there is a strong link between cancer development and consumption of sugar.

Conventional medicine has always underestimated the idea that there is a link between the consumption of certain foods and cancer development, since it hadn’t found valid models to support this thesis. However, the debate on the subject continues. Many scientists, doctors and alternative medicine practitioners support one opinion – there is an efficient, safe and economical way to treat cancer, and it is to remove the products that feed tumors and cancerous cells. This product is glucose. This therapeutic strategy is aimed at “weakening” of tumors by altering the food menu of the patient. This is the key to victory over cancer.

One of the first research groups that found that sugar feeds cancer runs in Utah. In a study published in the scientific journal Proceedings, researchers from the group stated that the medical community is aware, since 1923, that tumor cells need more glucose than normal cells. The study clearly shows how this process takes place and how the patient can adjust the consumption of glucose as a means to control the growth of tumors.

On the other hand, research done by Dr. Thomas Graeber and his colleagues published in 2012 in the journal Molecular Systems Biology, shows that depriving the cancer cells of glucose provokes their death.

Consumption of refined sugar is associated with cancer because, in addition to that it constitutes one of the causes of the disease, it feeds its cells, as the patient becomes more ill. These findings should definitely be considered when choosing a treatment for cancer because they have the potential to help achieve better results. At the moment the cancer cells appear in a person’s body, they begin to need a regular supply of glucose to continue to develop.

Each of us can do what is necessary get a better protection from cancer. Sugar is one of the factors contributing to the development of this disease. While it is clear that nutrition is not the only reason leading to its appearance, it certainly plays a significant role.

It is prudent to be aware of the things we do. Sometimes they harm the body and they should not avoid our attention. It is desirable to reduce the consumption of carcinogenic foods, like for instance refined sugar. Remember that sugar is present in the composition of many foods we consume daily, cakes, candy, cookies, desserts, cereals, breads, sauces and many others.


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