How this 78-year-old Man Beat Colon Cancer?

A 78 years old man managed to defeat the insidious disease – colon cancer. The only thing that this old patient changed was his own menu. He stopped eating meat and dairy products and started a light fruit-vegetable diet.

In April, the doctors told Alan Taylor that he has only few months of life remaining and they cannot help him. The explanation was that he has colon cancer which has spread in the small intestine.

The old man, an engineer by profession, received a letter from the doctors that he was cured of cancer. The latest test results showed that it has defeated the disease. He said this was due entirely to his new menu. In August, the same doctors told Taylor he was completely healthy.

“In September last year I underwent complicated surgery during which the doctors cut nine centimeters from my colon. I was then subjected to three months of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, in April they told me that the cancer has spread to the small intestine.

After my doctors said they could not help me, I looked for alternative treatment. I used the internet, I found a trusted seller in my local health food store and I made a new menu. To date, I am healthy,” said Taylor for the “Sunday Mirror”.

Here is his diet:
– Consumption of a teaspoon of barley grass powder in hot water twice a day – morning and evening.
– Eating 10 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day.
– Remove meat and dairy products from the menu.
– Taking herbal pills – herbal powder, curry, apricot kernels, selenium.
– Taking vitamin C.


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