What You Should Not Do to Your Vagina Anymore

According to the gynecologists, there are 11 things that every woman must avoid doing to her vagina, whatever the context or the pretext because such errors can sometimes have serious consequences for the sexual health of women.


In some couples, sexual practices are as diversified as they are original, so some women think that putting sugar in their private parts or introducing a candy into their vaginas is quite capable of making sex better by raising the sex temperature. But the reality is quite different, since it is a very bad idea, putting this area in contact with sugar causes disturbances in pH, which has the direct result of yeast infections.

Hot or cold water

If you particularly enjoy hot baths remember that the vagina is very sensitive to hot water but also cold. The best option is therefore lukewarm water, try to dry your private parts after the shower.

Tattoos and decorations

Some fashion effects lead many young people to want to give their body a personal touch but that should not be to the detriment of their health. The “Vajazzling” (decoration with glitter) is the perfect example, the only precaution to take with this kind of incrustations is to ensure that they do not exceed the lower belly.

Too tight clothing or underwear

Seduction is a completely normal thing and a woman can totally please as long as it is not at the expense of her sexual health. According to the gynecologist Ava Shamban, one must be restrained in the narrowness of the clothes, because such a habit has unpleasant effects such as acne and yeast infections.

Sex toys

Many women use sex toys for solitary pleasures or even to innovate in sex with their partner. There is no harm in this as long as these items are disinfected before each use.


These can be very useful in many situations, especially to facilitate penetration and fluidify. Just make sure with your partner that the lubricants are not scented or flavored, otherwise they can cause burning sensations.

Scented soaps

According to gynecologists, scented soaps are some of the worst things a woman can do to her vagina. This is due to the number of chemicals they contain that can easily cause pH imbalance, not to mention all the irritation and infection concerns. Do not forget, ladies, that the vagina is self-cleaning and does not need products to be washed.


It’s one thing you should never do, otherwise it’s guaranteed irritation! If you want to perfume, you do not need to target your private parts, to put on the rest of the body is more than enough.

Intimate cleaning products

If you want to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your vagina, know that you do not need all these products supposed to do it. This area cleans itself, just wash it with warm water, nature is well done is not it?


The vagina is the last part of your body that you should scratch because of its high sensitivity. But if you notice that the itching lasts and that they are recurrent, do not wait to inform your doctor.

 Google diagnostics

If you notice anything abnormal about your private parts, do not try to make yourself an idea of ​​the problem just by doing some research on the internet. Only a professional can tell you what it is and give you the right solutions.

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