Can We Get Poisoned if We Combine Milk and Fish?

Can We Get Poisoned if We Combine Milk and Fish?

Since both of these foods are sources of protein, if they are consumed at the same time, they can evoke multiple biochemical processes that can interfere. Hence, sometimes there can be unwanted consequences.

Fish and milk

Other possible reason for the unwanted effect can be connected to the risk of accumulating bacteria in the canned fish – Clostridium Botulinum or Bacillus Subtilis. But if both products are well kept there is no risk of poisoning. According to some people that consume fish and milk, they say there is no danger in mixing the both foods.

In some countries they serve sour fish with milk and white fish in milk sauce as exotic meals. This shows that tradition and science don’t always go together.
If you exercise it is unacceptable to mix these products, because it will slow down their absorption in the body. Following this logic you shouldn’t mix foods like rice and meat, eggs and meat, meat and milk, eggs and milk.
The Ayurveda also teaches that some foods should not be combined. It defends this theory because it reckons that combining certain types of foods in everyday life can cause allergies and can cause problems in the metabolism.

The Ayurveda explicitly forbids mixing of fish and milk, fish and eggs, milk and fruits, chicken meat and milk, fruits and vegetables, honey and vegetable oils, olives and milk, cheese and milk, meat with fish, bread or potatoes.

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