The Power of the Vegetarian Diet Against Cancer

The leading cause of death, cancer is responsible for nearly a quarter of all deaths. Despite the continual progress of current medicine, the number of people suffering from chronic diseases has reached millions while that of the victims of this devastating cancer is constantly increasing.

At a time when we are all sick (or almost), it seems relevant that we wonder about the possible causes of such an upsurge. What are these things that each day interferes a little more in our lives to make us more and more suffering?

A promising track

Researchers at the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in California may well provide some answers, as they have successfully linked human body defenses against cancer and nutrition.

According to the results of this study led by Dr. Dean Ornish, the blood of people with a vegetarian diet for a year or more is 8 times more effective at stopping the growth of cancer cells than people whose diet corresponds to the American Standard Diet.

Some clarifications

What is the Standard American Diet?

The Standard American Diet is the diet-type of Americans. This diet includes such high inputs of processed foods (meats, saturated fats, pasteurized dairy products, refined cereals, simple carbohydrates) as poor in vegetables (fruits, vegetables, nuts …). We could perfectly illustrate this diet by the example of fast-food.

According to a 2010 report from the National Cancer Institute, “Nearly all of the American population has a diet that is not up to the recommendations.”

What is the vegetarian diet?

It could be said without much risk of being mistaken that the vegetarian diet is the exact opposite.

The vegetarian diet is an herbal diet. It is therefore rich in natural foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts …) and unprocessed (complete foods, fiber and complex carbohydrates).

Let’s go back to the study

Participants in this study were split into two groups, which were assigned two separate diets for more than one year. In order to determine which of these two diets was most effective in stopping the progression of prostate cancer, the first group was instructed to eat according to the Standard American Diet. As for the second, he had to have a vegetarian diet.

After this period, cancer cells were contacted in petri dishes with blood samples taken from both groups of participants.

The power of a diet on the disease

The results were extraordinary. The blood of vegetarians had a power to stop cancer eight times higher than that of the Standard American Diet group.

A subsequent study by the University of California on Breast Cancer showed similar results by revealing the power of a plant-based diet, even for as short as two weeks.

After just 14 days of a vegetarian diet with 30 to 60 minutes of walking each day, a dramatic boost in body defenses against cancer has been observed.

A change as simple as changing a normal diet to a vegetarian diet allowed participants to significantly slow the growth of cancer, as well as the body’s ability to kill cancer cells.

A healthy diet for a healthy body

The impact of diet and lifestyle on our health is immense. The food we eat has the power to make us sick … or to heal us.

“May your food be your only medicine.”

– Hippocrates

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