Here’s Why Brigitte Bardot Refused Chemotherapy to Treat Her Cancer

Great icon of French cinema, model and fervent militant of the animal cause, Brigitte Bardot, 83 years old, takes stock of her existence in the book “Tears of combat”. She confesses her feelings, impressions and appreciation of breast cancer that she contracted in 1984 when she was 49 years old. Totally cured today, Brigitte Bardot refused at the time to be treated with the help of chemotherapy, in favor of radiotherapy, and explains the reasons.

The life of Brigitte Bardot has not always been a long calm river. Indeed, iconic female figure of the 50s / 60s, film actress, model and fervent activist of the animal cause, she has particularly experienced a difficult childhood but also disease. In 1984, at the age of 49, the one who is fully dedicated to the protection of animals, was a victim of breast cancer. A particularly difficult test for Brigitte Bardot who, from the start, refused to attend chemotherapy sessions in favor of radiotherapy.

Refusal of chemotherapy

Although Brigitte Bardot has been fighting a fierce battle for animal protection for decades, she has not won yet, unlike the one she waged against the disease thirty years ago.

Recognizing that she had breast cancer, her perception was categorical right from the start by refusing chemotherapy sessions. She thought fervently that it was her destiny and decided to treat cancer with contempt, giving it little importance. “It was very difficult, I was all alone,” she says. “This illness forced me to face myself”. “I decided to do only radiotherapy and not this terrible chemo, not to lose my hair,” she adds.

Alopecia, which refers to hair loss, is the most common and characteristic side effect of cancer patients treated with chemotherapy.

In addition, Brigitte Bardot invokes the fact that chemotherapy destroys the bad but also the good and that any patient who is treated with this treatment comes out of it. “I see people who, after this ordeal, are rags …”

Determined at all costs not to let herself be defeated, Brigitte Bardot preferred to tame her breast cancer: “I did not panic, thinking that I would overcome the disease, that I was not going to die. It remained secret until the day the evil was behind me. It’s been a good thirty years now, “she says.

What are the treatments for breast cancer?

Although chemotherapy is the most frequently used treatment, breast cancer treatment requires careful thought by the entire medical community about the best care protocol. It can be oriented according to several factors, to surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy or immunotherapy. The choice of a particular treatment depends on different criteria such as the type of cancer, the age of the person and his general state of health, the presence or absence of metastases in other organs, the invasion of the lymph nodes , etc …

Unlike surgery or radiation therapy as local treatments, chemotherapy uses one or more medications that are transfused throughout the body. Depending on the case, it is administered before or, most often, after surgery. As for radiotherapy, it is a locoregional treatment of cancer that consists of using radiation to destroy cancer cells by blocking their ability to multiply.

This is the treatment chosen by Brigitte Bardot to overcome her illness, which has shown bravery and courage.

 Note that in case of cancer, it is necessary to ask the medical profession about the nature of the care to be undertaken. Only your oncologist will be able to inform you about the proper treatment. In addition, to reduce the risk of cancer, certain preventive measures are to be implemented daily, such as a healthy lifestyle, associated with a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

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